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Arts & Education Seminar 2018
Arts & Education Seminar 2018


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Art Commons Lab. Primary 2017
Art Commons Lab. Primary 2017

Photo Rebecca Beinart

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Radical Black Art Convention 2017
Radical Black Art Convention 2017

Photo The Anti Gallery

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Arts & Education Seminar 2018
Arts & Education Seminar 2018


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Guest host 

Futures Forum 2: the good, the bad and the ugly

God's House Tower, Southampton.

5 May 2022

Guest speaker

Social Practice Social


8 December 2021

Guest speaker

Black Creatives Network

New Art Exchange, Nottingham.

6 February 2020


Guest speaker & facilitator

Inclusivity & Audiences Symposium

Birmingham Conference, Aston

11 February 2019

Organised by AMA

Guest speaker 

Community & cultural activism

University of Texas at Austin (USA)

28 July 2018

Art and Education 

Budapest Seminar

5 - 7 November 2018

One of 30 invited practitioners from around the world experimenting with radical approaches to art education as a critical practice.

Challenging the language of arts funding

Arts & Place Regional Conversation

Primary, Nottingham. 

6 March 2018

Empowering young people through creativity
Emerge – Artists Training

The Mighty Creatives & UK Young Artists
University of Derby

8 January 2018

Guest speaker 
Arts Policy & Management (MA)
Birkbeck University of London

30 November 2017

Guest speaker & facilitator

What is public engagement & socially engaged practice?
STUDIOBOOK 2017 Programme for artists
Mark Deveraux Projects, Manchester.
21 July 2017

Collider Conversations: Moving Diversity Forward

Threshold Studios (UK)

2016 - 2017

Co-curating this series of informal debates in unexpected spaces. 

Creative projects for the people, by the people

Creative Scene, West Yorkshire.
THE SOCIAL: Socially engaged practice
6 April 2017


Politics+social justice+community activism +creativity = Me
Guest speaker
shifting loyalties
Idle women
Pendle, Lancashire.

8 – 12 December 2016

Unspeakable Things Unspoken
Transatlantic Slavery – A Public Conversation

Nottingham Contemporary
12 -13 October 2016
Chairing the discussion, slavery and community history.


“In an ideal world, we wouldn’t be having this conversation…”
Guest speaker
OPEN16: Decolonising the Campus & Arts
Lancaster Arts, Lancaster University

12 May 2016

Visiting lecturer Goldsmiths University, London

MA Participatory & Community Arts Course

5 December 2012

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