Power zine project 2021.
Power zine project 2021.

Broxtowe Womens Project

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Power zine project 2021.
Power zine project 2021.

Broxtowe Womens Project

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Power: Freedom to Create zine 2021

"How do I feel about this project? Inspired, evolved, motivated, encouraged, stimulated. I enjoyed the whole project, felt included and learned that I can do certain things I did not know I could do."

Fiona, Broxtowe Women's Project Nottingham.

"The project has made me feel that I have new strength, I've learnt a lot about myself and how creative I can be."

Emily. Broxtowe Women's Project.

What does it mean to be British? newspaper 2018-19

“The project made us come together and work together even though we are all different.  Our voices can be heard and discussed together.” Chloe, Focus Charity Leicester

“I think it will make people think differently because they are reading personal stories.”

Marian, Global Sistaz United, Nottingham

Happy to share experiences about how some people have been racist to me because I am a migrant.”

Participant, Global Sistaz United

“It stands out, young people’s perspective and it’s more honest and modern.” Participant, Focus Charity Leicester 

Mark Devereux Projects Studiobook Programme 2017 

“Bo came and shared with us about socially engaged art. It was a pleasure to hear about the projects she’s worked on how she prioritizes community participation whilst maintaining the artistic integrity of the project. I liked how she places so much trust in the artist, whilst building her projects in a way which empowers the community including them in the decision-making process. Bo evidently produces an artistic outcome with real social value, which is owned by the community. "IElizabeth Kwant 


Pathways mural 2016

"I like my own drawings, contributed my own ideas outlined my own culture and everyone else."

"Gave the black community a voice, so I can teach my own people."


Samuel Morley Learning Programme Backlit 2015

"This project has really changed my life. I have made new friends and learnt to appreciate the buildings and the history of my surroundings so much more. I am a Muslim and many people have quite negative thoughts towards us at the moment. I have a strong belief in Allah and I think that he has given me this opportunity to make a difference in my life, by making friends and learning to see things differently through other people."