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CoLab Wakefield 

INIVA x Hepworth Wakefield 

2022 - 23

Producing a collaborative art project about how museums and galleries don’t reflect the lived experience and interests of local young people. What kind of work is shown in galleries and museums? Who makes the work and why working class artists need to be seen and heard?

Students (aged 13 to 14) from Castleford Academy are working with Leeds based spoken word artist/writer Simone Yasmin and art therapist Will Jones to co-create a zine and art exhibition, about what matters to them.

Funded by Freelands Foundation

A slap in the face 

Creative Producer 

Lakeside Arts 

2022 - 23

Initiating a creative consultation project with members of Inspire Urself Carnival Troupe Nottingham. Young people (aged 20+) are working with artist/graphic designer Honey Williams to create their own zine about racism, white privilege and inequality in the arts.  

Focusing on Lakeside Arts the zine includes their feedback about the current programme and the urgent changes needed to be of relevance, engage and include POC communities across the city.  


Diverse Artist Network Coordinator

Beam - Arts for people and places

2022 - 23

A new research and consultation project focused on equity, diversity and inclusion. The aim is to explore and address the barriers facing diverse artists developing their practice in the public art sector. The work will result in a public report, artists development programme and a forward plan for the organisation.

We are here! - whats your story?

ChalleNGe Nottingham


Developing and managing a film project capturing young people's (aged 12 to 18+) views on creativity and how it helped them during the lock downs of 2020/21. What do they feel needs to change to make it easier for more young people to develop and take part in creative opportunities in Nottingham?  Filmmakers Ben Harriott & Amanda Russell.

Power:Freedom to Create

National Justice Museum

March - November 2021

Co-producing a printed zine with Browtowe Women’s Project and Heya Nottingham (Arab women), through a series of interactive conversations. The printed zine captures the women's creative responses to artwork made by people in the criminal justice system as featured in the "Power" exhibition. A collaboration with artist and curator Chiara Dellerba. Read a copy here.

BLM - Action not words

City Arts Nottingham


Chairing a series of conversations with a steering group of black and PoC creatives, discussing their experiences of racism in the arts and the barriers and opportunities they have faced. Read my blog post Black Lives Matter - Action not Words about these discussions. This resulted in CATALYST, a new support programme for artists of colour.


“I know we can make it”

National Justice Museum

October 2020

Designing four creative cards with activities for people at home to share their experiences of 2020.  Who are the people and places doing great things in your community? What have you learnt about yourself during the pandemic?  Part of #MakeItYours workshop in an envelope

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